Changing through challenges: The future of oil and gas

The oil and gas industry is not unaccustomed to change, but nowadays, the stakes are as high as they could be and pressure is on. A global pandemic, a digital disruption, the drop in oil prices, and the need to keep operations efficient and competitive while achieving climate goals are just some of the challenges that the industry has faced in the past few months. How can the oil and gas industry bounce back and play its role in a drastically changing energy industry?

The oil and gas industry has proven to be one of the most adaptable and resilient sectors globally. In these challenging times, the oil and gas industry has digitalization and the inclusion of new, low-carbon solutions as main priorities – but some argue that the COVID pandemic will speed up the energy transition and make the use of oil and gas use obsolete. In a time where change is the norm, what is the role of oil and gas in the energy future? And what changes can we expect from it in the future?

To help us foresee what is next for the oil and gas industry, we are pleased to have with us the following guests at ONS 2020 Goes Digital:

Monday 31 August

  • Eldar Sætre – President and CEO, Equinor

Tuesday 1 September

  • Alv Bjørn Solheim – Managing Director, Wintershall Dea Norway
  • Arne Sigve Nylund –EVP Development & Production Norway, Equinor
  • Karl Johnny Hersvik – CEO, Aker BP
  • Kristin Færøvik – Managing Director, Lundin Energy Norway

Wednesday 2 September

  • Hugo Dijkgraaf – CTO, Wintershall Dea
  • Shaikh Nawaf S. Al-Sabah – KPI & Acting CEO of KUFPEC, President and CEO

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