Distinguished Service Award winner – Dr. Fatih Birol

Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, is this years winner of the Distinguished Service Award. He received the award at the ONS Opening Ceremony, Monday 29 August.

The Distinguished Service Award has been presented since 1988 to for distinguished service for the energy industry, to strengthen the global dialogue on energy, cleaner solutions, and/or for contributions towards enhancing the reputation of ONS. 

An intellectual leader

Dr. Birol started in the International Energy Agency in 1995 and has since transformed the organization to a model of how international organisations can be run efficiently and effectively in the interests of all their members. He has ensured that despite everything two things endure: The importance of factually accurate data. That is the basis of the IEA’s enduring credibility. And secondly the underlying challenge of energy security. 

In doing all this Dr. Birol has managed to make the IEA central to the continuing debate on energy. As a vital source of trusted data but also as a source of informed ideas – for instance recently producing detailed practical advise on how Europe can cope with the loss of Russian gas supplies.

ONS is delighted to present the Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Birol, as we are all beneficiaries of his work.

Dr. Fatih Birol at ONS 2018
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