The Energy Agenda Report now launched – download here

Get ready for insightful analysis and perspectives from a global energy industry when the Energy Agenda Report is launched two weeks before ONS. Download here.

What is the future of gas? Will we be able to keep the temperature from rising above 1.5 degrees? Is Asia the new heart of global energy?

These questions and many more are raised to the top of the agenda in the brand new ONS Energy Agenda report.

The report addresses this year’s ONS theme TRUST in a wider context and discusses its importance to the workings of the global energy market in light of past year’s events.

Without trust it would not have possible to achieve as much progress as was done at the COP 26 meeting in Glasgow. Unless that trust is maintained and strengthened it will be difficult to deliver on the ambitious pledges made at that meeting.

Diverse views about the future

The chapters in this year’s Energy Agenda range widely from developments in Asia – now the centre of gravity in the global energy system – to the emergence of new legal challenges to the role of energy companies and their responsibility for the emissions generated by their products. The report is edited by Nick Butler, visiting professor at King’s College London, and founding member of Kings policy Institute.

The Agenda reflects the diversity of views about the future of the energy sector. There are notes of optimism about the prospect of containing the impact of climate change and a bold view looking back from 2050 on how net zero was achieved.

Launched at Arendalsuka

But there are also notes of caution, particularly on the prospects for energy security in a divided world where trust in the major energy producing companies has been diminished. There is also an independent analysis of what all this might mean for Norway – a country in which finds itself at the heart of all the international debates on the energy transition and security.

The ONS Energy Agenda report is now launched. We hope you will find is useful as a pre-read for the ONS Conference.

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