Meet the speakers

We have a great line-up for ONS 2020 Goes Digital. Meet the speakers for our opening video.

The theme for ONS 2020 is «Together», and our opening video will address the dilemmas and solutions our industry is facing.

Climate change is on top of the agenda, and ensuring access to clean, affordable and reliable energy for the worldś population is a great challenge of mankind. How can we produce the cleanes kinds for energy, and phase out the worst? And how do we make a positive impact for individuals, communities and the environment?

Geopolitical pressure
We see an increasing geopolitical pressure on energy markets, greater uncertainty and higher volatility is now the name of the game. How can we act in unison to stabilise the situation?

It is crucial that our industry continously evolve and address the challenges; together. We need to act together with civil society, institutions and the business community to foster openness and transparency, and to find innovative and sustainable solutions.

ONS 2020 Goes Digital will have the following line-up for our opening video:

Manouelle Lepoutre – Chair ONS Conference Committee and SVP Civil Society Engagement Total

Erna Solberg – Prime Minister of Norway

Eldar Sætre – President and CEO, Equinor

Patrick Pouyanné – President and CEO, Total

Dr. Fatih Birol – Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Nick Butler – Visiting Professor, Kingś College

Ramez Nam – Co- Chair for Energy and Environment, Singularity University

Michael Liebreich – Founder and CEO, Liebreich Assoc.

To see the videos, enter ons.no and it will be free and available from 31 August.