More wind than ever at ONS International Markets

“We have never had this much focus on wind in our ONS programme before, and we are really excited to showcase all the opportunities for Norwegian suppliers looking for a more international market”, says David Ottesen, Director Wind in Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP).

“We in Norwegian Energy Partners Offshore Wind team sincerely appreciate the cooperation with have with ONS 22 and welcome you to three very hectic days with 20+ meetings focused on Offshore Wind as part of  Norwegian Energy Partners International Market Programme”, says David Ottesen in NORWEP.

More than 50 international guests will discuss how to develop and operation the pipeline of projects under construction or in development phase. 

Ottesen adds; 

“We have visibility of more than 1 000 GW of which 200+ will be floating hence we will not run out of topics to discuss.”

NORWEP will host several workshops directly focused on offshore wind in dedicated international markets relevant for the Norwegian supplier industry. These will have the following focus areas:

Poland & Baltics, Vestas, Northland Power, Ørsted, Shell, CIP, RTE, EDF, GE, Iberdrola/Scottish Power.

In addition sessions such as the International Markets Brazil Seminar Tuesday 30 August 11:00-12:30 will be highly relevant for the offshore wind suppliers industry.

According to NORWEP and its representative in Brazil it is expected that 66 projects are under licensing in the country, totalling 169 GW. This will bring forwards a unique opportunity for the Norwegian suppliers and offshore wind businesses. 


Do not forget ONS Net Zero Markets!

Offshore wind will also play a significant part in the ONS Net Zero Markets venue.

Together with sessions covering hydrogen, CCUS, solar energy and batteries, offshore wind will be one of the major focuses for low carbon and renewable energy at ONS.

Also at ONS Technical Sessions the transfer from oil & gas to offshore wind will be duly covered.

Read more about Net Zero Markets here.

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