New podcast: The potential on the NCS

We are kicking off this year looking north and especially the Norwegian continental shelf and its potential. What is the potential, and how does it look from the UK? Will Norway maintain its status as Europe’s Oil and gas supplier of choice, will other energy carriers and technologies make a mark, and could we even talk about the NCS and the North Sea as an energy super basin?

Many big questions, luckily, we have Neivan Boroujerdi from Wood Mackenzie with us. He is the Research Director for North Sea Upstream.

Listen to the podcast episode here

Interesting topics he covers:

  • What is an energy super basin
  • What energy carriers and low carbon alternatives do you see will make an impact in the North Sea and NCS
  • How does the Barents Sea and energy potential look from outside Norway?
“The one thing Norway has going for it is its location. As I say, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to being one of those energy super basins. And because of that, I think it’s still able to attract some of the biggest companies. You know, if you look at the euro major, for example, all of them still have a direct or indirect stake in the region continental shelf.”