ONS 2020 Goes Digital attracted thousands

More than 40 000 visitors have seen the ONS Goes Digital 2020 content via our webpage ons.no. In case you missed it; it´s all available.

The ONS Goes Digital 2020 programme, 31 August through 2 September, gained ONS some new and important experiences.

-Due to the fact that we had no experience in producing a 100% digital programme, the learnings and outcome has been highly valuable to us going forward, says Ingvild Meland, Programme Director of the ONS Foundation.

Balanced programme og participants
During the three days, ONS prepared a programme containing 75 speakers of whom 50% were international. There were 44 sessions with a gender distribution on 50% including moderators and hosts. A 60 minutes opening session was produced, as well as 5 webinars, 21 video interviews, 2 lectures, 3 discussions with more than two participants, and 11 reportages.

– Due to uncertainty post our Covid- 19 cancellation, we had a very short period for planning and production. We are very proud of the outcome, and that we managed to gather so many great speakers from our global network, says CEO and President of ONS, Leif Johan Sevland.

See the content
In a period from 14 August – 16. September, 43.145 visitors have seen the content though the ons.no webpage. 

Opening session: ONS 2020 Goes Digital