Scale-Ups Premiere

Welcome to the official opening of the Scale-Ups arena, Monday 29 August 13:45! This will be an exciting Premiere you do not want to miss. Scale-Ups is the place for up-and-coming ventures and companies, looking for a place to network, take part in discussions and to find new partners or investors.

Exciting Premiere

“Welcome to the inaugural ONS Scale-up hall where we for the first time gather the relevant parties in the Scale-up value-chain. You will hear from scaling companies who are at the bleeding edge of technology, as well as the corporate and private investors who are looking for the next big thing in renewable energy, climate and transport space. Be there when the entrepreneurs shares their share stories, tactics and strategies for the energy transition,” says Marcus Høland Eikeland (Director & Partner of Katapult and Scale-Ups Committee-leader). Høland Eikeland will be moderating the Premiere Monday 29 August.

The Premiere will also feature speakers:

  • Christer Fuglesang, Astronaut & Professor
  • Siri Kalvig, CEO, Nysnø
  • Erlend Basmo Ellingsen, Senior Partner, HitechVision
  • Kjersti Reinsnos, Head of Ventures Europe, Equinor
  • Ole Erik Almlid, CEO, NHO

New arena for the new generation Scale-Ups

This brand new arena is dedicated to the next generation super-growth companies in energy. There will be meeting areas, a lounge, conference stage and exhibition areas for selected companies. It is the perfect place to meet new investors, pitch ideas and network with other companies in the scale-up or start-up phase. You can also visit the stand of 14 diverse and exciting companies at this arena. 

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Scale-Ups speakers

  • Moderator: Fredrik Syversen, Director Strategy and Business Development. IKT Norge,
  • Philip Hansteen, COO and Co-Founder, f3nice
  • Jack Adams, OEM Growth Manager, Wilhelmsen Ships Service
  • Jan-Viggo Johansen, VP Asset Lifecycle Management Yinson Production
  • Michelle Williams, CEO, Clara Venture Labs
  • Bernt Skeie, CEO & Founder, Alma Clean Power
  • Einar Eilertsen, Partner, Atoma Capital
  • Joel Larsson, General Partner & Co founder, Paleblue
  • Palo Sobrone PhD, Founder & CEO Impossible Sensin
  • Moderator: Sven Sunde, Territory Team Manager Norway, Denmark, & Iceland, Amazon Web Services Norway
  • Johann Olav Koss, Founder, Right To Play
  • Tharald Nustad, Founder, Nordic Impact & Katapult
  • Jon Trygve Berg, Partner Sarsia, Sarsia Seed
  • Svein Kvernstuen, CEO & Founder, BEYONDER
  • Leif A. Stavøstrand, CEO & Founder, Evoy
  • Shmuel Kedmi, General Partner, OSEG
  • Owe Hagesæther, CEO, GCE Ocean Technology SA
  • Dan-Åsmund Bjørke, Head of BI Innovation, BI
  • Ion Padilla, CEO & Business Consultant
  • Jon Salazar, Founder & CEO, Gazelle Wind Power
  • Moderator: Karre Helle, Venture Director, DNV
  • Kjartan Melberg, Chief Investment Officer, DSD
  • Kristian Torgersen, Partner, Slingshot
  • Lars-Kristian Opstad, Co-Founder & CEO, Bluelice
  • Eirik Rasmussen, Oil and Gas & Digital Lead Partner, PwC
  • Geir Arne Veglo, Partner Strategy Analytics and MA, Deloitte
  • Trine Sæther Romuld, CFO, SalMar Aker Ocean
  • Melissa Tremlett, Programs and Partnership Manager, NERA
  • Nick Bently, Managing Director, Oceania Marine Energy
  • Asbjørn Lilletun, CEO, Norinnova
  • Jan Ole Huseby, Head of Ocean Industries, DNB
  • Andrew Watts, VP Partnerships & Innovation, Spoor Ralph Groen, CCO, Evyon
  • Charlene Bruno, Computer Vision Engineer, Spoor
  • Karl Liapunov, Head of Energy StartupLabMurshid M. Ali, Tech investor, Skyfri Technologies
  • Tomas Richardsen, Head of Department CB SME Troms/Finnmark, DNB
  • Christina Wiig, Head of Corporate Partnership, StartupLab
  • Terje R. Fanebust, Senior Vice President, DNB
  • Rasmus Figenschou, Group EVP New Business, DNB
  • Gisle Østereng, Head of Investments, StartupLab
  • Benedicte Middelthon, Client Manager Startup & Growth, DNB
  • Per Lund, Investment Director, Lyse Vekst
  • Ane Christophersen, Investment Director, Lyse
  • Yoram Wijngaarde, CEO, Dealroom.co
  • Tom Rand Co-Founder & Partner, ArcTern Ventures
  • Moderator: Hilde Holdhus, Partner, Sarsia
  • Nils Petter Nygaard, Investment Director, EQT
  • Gregory Bernstein, Venture Lead, EQT
  • Peter van Giessel, Partner, Shell Ventures
  • Roald Brekkhus, Investment Director, Eviny Ventures
  • Bjørn Gabrielsen, CEO, ClevAir
  • Richard Riggs, Corporate Venture Capital, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures
  • Thomas Reinertsen, CEO, Hydrogen Mem-Tech
  • Moderator: Kristin Aamodt, Partner, ArcTern Ventures
  • Christian Rangen, Chairman, General Partner, Link Capital
  • Fredrik Winther, CEO, Katapult
  • Erik Bjørstad, Director Impact Investing, FERD
  • Sandra Blazquez, Head of Repsol Open Innovation, Repsol
  • Carmen Moreno, Sr Investment Associate Repsol Corporate Venturing, Repsol
  • Enrique Gómez de Priego, CEO, Sunrgyze
  • Ann Marie Augustus, Co-Founder / COO, Urban Electric Power
  • Ole-Erik Endrerud, CEO and Founder, Shoreline
  • Rasmus Mosbæk, CEO, Hybrid GreenTech
  • Martin Jespersen, Bus Dev Mgr, Hybrid GreenTech
  • David Puron, CEO, Barbara IoT
  • Bertrand Barouti, Product Manager, Shoreline
  • Sven Sunde, Territory Team Manager Norway, Denmark, & Iceland, Amazon Web Services Norway
  • Sirivan Chaleunxay, EMEA Business Development Lead, Oil & Gas, Amazon Web Services
  • Shaima Sharif, Innovation Programs, Amazon Web Services
  • Anna Lauring, AWS Scaleups and Startup Sales, Amazon Web Services

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