Standardization Session ons 2022

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Standardization accelerates value creation in the Oil and Gas Sector – Energy transition

The oil and gas sector and the energy transition require safe, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable facilities and operations. The accelerated use of international standards will be essential for achieving business objectives and showing environmental stewardship to secure and maintain lower carbon energy supply.

The objective of the ONS standardization session is for the key global and national stakeholders to inform and discuss about ongoing industry collaborations and new standardization activities being undertaken. The invited key speakers and panelists include management from the international standards development organization ISO/TC67 and Standards Norway, industry stakeholders like IOGP executives, major operators and engineering contractor & suppliers, and regulator Petroleum Safety Agency (PSA).

Session chair: Runar Østebø, Equinor, Advisor and ISO/TC67/WG4 convenor
Session co-chair: Roar Heum, Standards Norway, Business Manager Petroleum


1515 - 1700 ONS 2022 – Standardization session, Tuesday 30 August 2022

15:15 Welcome address – Jacob Mehus, CEO Standards Norway

PART 1 – Management of standards development and use – Simplifying, minimising and harmonising

15:20 Opening speech – ISO/TC67 Standards committee
– Philip Smedley, BP Exploration, Advisor Structural Engineering, ISO/TC67 Standards Committee Chair and Françoise van den Brink, NEN, ISO/TC67 Standards Committee Manager

15:30-16:00 Industry keynote speeches – International Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP)

15:30 Progress in Climate Cooperation and Standardization despite the Covid Crisis and oil price volatility – an Operators perspective from IOGP                                      – Richard Mortimer, BP, VP Engineering, Chairman IOGP Standards Committee and JIP33

15:35 Standardization of Procurement Equipment Specifications: A Foundational Step Change in Facility Cost and Schedule Reduction
– Adri Postema, IOGP, Director JIP33 

15:50 IOGP JIP35: The industry joining forces to reduce and align offshore structures specifications.
– Oddgeir Dalane, Equinor, Manager Technology Management and IOGP Offshore Structure subcommittee chair

PART 2 – Business potential of standards – Digitalization and cost management

16:00 READI JIP – Shaping the future of digital requirements and information flow in the oil and gas value chain
– Paal Frode Larsen, Equinor, Project manager, and READI JIP Steering committee chair and Erik Østby, DNV, Vice President and READI JIP Project manager

16:15 Value Creation by use of the ISO 15663 Life Cycle Costing Standard
– Runar Østebø, Equinor, Advisor and ISO 15663 Project leader, Endre Willmann, Willmann Engineering, Manager and ISO 15663 Technical editor, Eduardo Montalvao, Petrobras, Project coordinator, Brazilian ISO/TC67/WG4/PG4 expert member, and Karl Woods, Woodside, Senior subsea reliability engineer, Australian ISO/TC67/WG4/PG4 expert member

PART 3 Stakeholder panel session – Operators, Contractors, Standards Developers and Regulators
– Session chair Runar Østebø, ISO/TC67/WG4 convenor and Session co-chair Phil Smedley, ISO/TC67 Standards Committee Chair

16:30 Panelists:
– Françoise van den Brink, NEN, ISO/TC67 Standards Committee Manager
– Richard Mortimer, BP, Vice President Engineering and Chairman IOGP Standards Committee and JIP33
– Per-Arne Røstadsand, Equinor, Project Manager
– Sigve Knudsen, Director of legal and regulatory affairs, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
– Rolf Werner Erichsen, Vice President Project Resources & Methods-Engineering-Norway, Aker Solutions

16:55 Concluding remarks
– Phil Smedley, ISO/TC67 Standards Committee Chairman 

17:00 Adjourn

We look forward to seeing you there at ONS 2022 in Stavanger!