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Blog post – Nick Butler

How do we avoid each man and country for itself when we are faced with major energy insecurity as today? Not every country is able to be self-sufficient, so how do we avoid an elbowing race for resources? 
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New podcast: Is hydrogen safe?

The world demands more energy and hydrogen is turning out to be a significant part of the future energy mix. Hydrogen only emits water, which makes it an exciting source of energy. However, there are challenges related to hydrogen.

3 Highlights from the ONS Energy Talk with Frida Eklöf Monstad, Senior Advisor Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor

  • Is hydrogen safe? Yes, if you manage the risk correctly.
  • We cannot compete on safety. We need to collaborate and trust each other.
  • To increase the demand for hydrogen, we need to build the markets and develop new value chains.

Narendra Taneja (WESP) and Christian Rynning-Tønnessen (Statkraft) discusses hydrogen with the possibillities og progression in this field. This is a part of the Norwegian segment at The World Energy Policy Summit (WESP) in India.

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